Aangus Cloud: A Tribute to the Star Whose Light Dimmed Too Soon at 25

It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we mourn the untimely passing of Aangus Cloud, the talented young actor who captivated audiences with his role in the hit HBO show “Euphoria.” On July 31, news broke of Cloud’s tragic death at the age of 25, sending shockwaves through the entertainment industry.

Cloud’s passing comes as a tremendous loss to his family, friends, co-stars, and fans, who admired his talent and charisma. His death, just a week after burying his father, adds an even more heartbreaking layer to this tragedy.

While the cause of Aangus Cloud’s death has not been publicly disclosed, his family revealed that he had been grappling with the intense grief of losing his father, whom he considered his best friend. The weight of this loss undoubtedly took a toll on his young soul.

In the wake of Cloud’s untimely passing, the outpouring of tributes and condolences has been overwhelming. Both the “Euphoria” cast and other celebrities have shared their memories and grief, honoring his memory and celebrating the impact he made during his short but remarkable life.

Aangus Cloud’s legacy will be remembered for his infectious talent, humor, and love for everyone. In his portrayal of the character Fez on “Euphoria,” he showcased his incredible acting abilities, leaving an indelible mark on the show and its viewers.

As we mourn the loss of this exceptional young star, let us come together to remember Aangus Cloud’s spirit, his contributions to the entertainment industry, and the joy he brought to our screens.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aangus Cloud, the beloved star of “Euphoria,” has passed away at the age of 25.
  • Cloud’s death comes just a week after burying his father, intensifying the heartbreak.
  • The cause of his death has not been publicly disclosed.
  • Celebrities, including the “Euphoria” cast, have expressed their condolences and shared memories of Cloud.
  • Aangus Cloud will be remembered for his talent, humor, and love for everyone.

“Euphoria” Cast Pays Tribute to Angus Cloud

Following the tragic news of Aangus Cloud’s passing, the cast of “Euphoria” came together to express their deep grief and offer heartfelt condolences to his loved ones. The show and its network, HBO, released a joint statement on social media, reflecting on the immense loss and the impact Cloud had on their lives. The cast stands united in their shared grief, honoring the memory of their dear friend and colleague.

In the wake of Cloud’s untimely passing, the cast members took to social media to share their personal tributes and cherished memories of their time spent with him. Javon Walton, who played Cloud’s onscreen little brother in “Euphoria,” shared a poignant tribute on Instagram, describing Cloud as a true inspiration and a beautiful soul. Alexa Demie, another co-star, mourned the loss and expressed her sorrow in a heartfelt Instagram Story.

“Aangus was more than a co-star; he was a friend, a confidant, and a source of constant laughter on set. His kindness, sweetness, and incredible sense of humor will forever be missed. He brightened the lives of everyone he encountered, both on and off-screen. Rest in peace, dear Aangus.”

Doniella Davy, the head makeup artist for the show, also paid homage to Cloud on Instagram, sharing cherished moments and recounting his kindness and humor that filled the set.

Memories from Cast Members:

  • Zendaya: “Infinitely beautiful. The light, love, and joy you brought to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing you will forever be remembered. Rest in paradise, Aangus Cloud. You are so loved.”
  • Sydney Sweeney: “My heart aches for the loss of such a beautiful soul. Aangus, your smile and energy lit up every room. I’ll cherish our moments and the memories we created together.”
  • Maude Apatow: “The funniest person, the kindest soul. I will miss you more than words can express. Rest easy, Aangus. Forever in our hearts.”

Aangus Cloud’s passing has left an indelible mark on the “Euphoria” cast, as they gather strength from their shared memories and the love they had for him. Their tributes serve as a testimony to his talent, genuine spirit, and the profound impact he had on those around him. Aangus Cloud’s legacy will continue to be celebrated and remembered by the cast and fans alike.

Cast Member Tribute
Javon Walton Heartfelt tribute on Instagram
Alexa Demie Mourned his death on Instagram Story
Doniella Davy Honored Cloud’s kindness and humor on Instagram

aangus cloud tribute from euphoria cast

Tributes from Other Stars

Besides his “Euphoria” castmates, Aangus Cloud received heartfelt tributes and condolences from other stars in the entertainment industry. Their messages serve as a testament to his impact on fellow actors and the legacy he leaves behind.


“Aangus was infinitely beautiful, both inside and out. His light, love, and joy touched everyone who knew him. We will forever miss his infectious laughter and the warmth he brought to our lives. Rest in peace, my friend.”

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney, who shared the screen with Aangus in “Euphoria,” posted a photo gallery on Instagram, capturing their sweet and cherished moments together. The pictures showcase the bond they formed on and off the set, reflecting the deep impact Aangus had on his co-stars.

Maude Apatow

Maude Apatow paid tribute to Aangus by sharing a series of photos highlighting his humor and infectious personality. Describing him as the “funniest person ever,” she expressed her immense sadness at his passing and how much she will miss him.

Other celebrities, including Dominic Fike and Kehlani, also joined in remembering Aangus Cloud. Each tribute reflects the profound impact he had on his fellow actors and the genuine authenticity he brought to his craft.

Legacy and Impact of Aangus Cloud

Aangus Cloud’s talent and impact on the hit show “Euphoria” will leave a lasting legacy in the hearts of viewers and fans. His portrayal of the character Fez captivated audiences and showcased his remarkable acting abilities. Cloud’s warmth, charm, and authenticity on-screen were a reflection of his real-life personality, making his performances truly memorable.

Despite his untimely passing, Cloud’s talent and the joy he brought to the screen will be remembered for years to come. His legacy serves as a testament to his remarkable talent and the positive impact he made on the show and its viewers. Whether it was through his nuanced performances or the way he connected with his fellow cast members, Cloud’s talent and presence will always be remembered and celebrated.

aangus cloud legacy

“Aangus Cloud’s talent and impact on ‘Euphoria’ were unparalleled. He brought so much depth and authenticity to his character, Fez. I’ll forever remember his incredible performances and the way he touched the hearts of viewers. He will be greatly missed.”

Cloud’s talent and passion for acting made him a beloved figure among fans and fellow actors alike. His dedication to his craft and the genuine connections he formed with his co-stars made him a valuable member of the “Euphoria” cast. His legacy extends beyond his on-screen performances, as he will be remembered for his kindness, humor, and the lasting impression he left on those who had the pleasure of working with him.

Memorable Performances

  • Fez’s unforgettable entrance scene in the pilot episode, which immediately captivated audiences.
  • The emotionally charged confrontation with Nate in Season 1, showcasing Cloud’s incredible range as an actor.
  • The tender and heartfelt moments shared between Fez and Rue, highlighting Cloud’s ability to portray complex emotions with authenticity.

These standout performances not only demonstrated Cloud’s exceptional talent but also contributed to the success and impact of “Euphoria” as a whole.

Remembered by Fans

Aangus Cloud’s talent and warm personality endeared him to a devoted fanbase. His genuine interactions with fans, both online and at events, left a lasting impression. Cloud’s impact on fans extended beyond his on-screen role, as he became an inspiration and symbol of hope for many. His memory will continue to live on as fans cherish and celebrate his talent, his kindness, and the joy he brought to their lives.


The tragic and untimely passing of Aangus Cloud at the tender age of 25 has left an indelible mark on his fans, co-stars, and the entire entertainment industry. His sudden demise serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the profound impact we can make in a short span of time.

Aangus Cloud’s immense talent, infectious humor, and boundless love for everyone will forever be etched in our hearts. As we navigate the aftermath of this heartbreaking loss, we find solace in the cherished memories of his extraordinary performances. His legacy will continue to inspire and captivate audiences, as his influence extends far beyond the screen.

In loving memory of Aangus Cloud, we pay tribute to his remarkable contribution to the world of entertainment. From his captivating portrayal of Fez in the hit series “Euphoria” to the joy he brought to the lives of those who knew him, both on and off-screen, his light will continue to shine brightly. As we bid farewell, we hold onto the legacy he leaves behind, filled with admiration, respect, and remembrance.

Rest in peace, Aangus Cloud, as we honor your incredible talent, celebrate your life, and forever keep your memory alive.


What is the cause of Aangus Cloud’s death?

The cause of Aangus Cloud’s death has not been publicly disclosed.

How old was Aangus Cloud when he passed away?

Aangus Cloud was 25 years old at the time of his passing.

Where did Aangus Cloud pass away?

Aangus Cloud passed away at his family’s home in Oakland, California.

When was Aangus Cloud’s death reported?

Aangus Cloud’s death was reported on July 31.

How did Aangus Cloud’s passing affect the cast of "Euphoria"?

The cast of “Euphoria” expressed their grief and condolences following Aangus Cloud’s passing.

Did Aangus Cloud’s co-stars pay tribute to him?

Yes, the cast of “Euphoria” shared heartfelt tributes and condolences for Aangus Cloud.

How did Zendaya remember Aangus Cloud?

Zendaya wrote a heartfelt tribute on Instagram, describing Aangus Cloud as infinitely beautiful and emphasizing the light, love, and joy he brought to everyone who knew him.

How did Aangus Cloud impact the show "Euphoria"?

Aangus Cloud’s portrayal of the character Fez in “Euphoria” captivated audiences and showcased his remarkable acting abilities.

What is Aangus Cloud’s legacy?

Aangus Cloud’s legacy will be remembered for his immense talent, impact on “Euphoria,” and the joy he brought to the screen.

How will Aangus Cloud be remembered by fans?

Fans will forever remember Aangus Cloud for his memorable performances and the love he brought to his roles.

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