Journey Back in Time: 5 Best Ancient Rome Documentaries for History Enthusiasts

For ages, history buffs have been intrigued by Ancient Rome. Documentaries about this ancient culture illuminate its beautiful history and intricacies. If you’re looking to dive deep into the world of ancient Rome, here are five must-watch documentaries that offer captivating insights into this iconic civilization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the fascinating world of ancient Rome through these highly acclaimed and informative documentaries.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the daily lives, customs, and significant events that shaped ancient Rome.
  • Discover the enduring impact of ancient Rome on our world today.
  • Get ready to be captivated by vivid storytelling, expert insights, and engaging visuals.
  • These top ancient Rome documentaries are a must-watch for any history enthusiast.

Pompeii: The Last Day (2003)

The Last Day, a riveting documentary, recounts the events leading up to Mount Vesuvius’ 79 AD explosion. This video depicts the everyday life, social relationships, and political dynamics of the ancient Roman metropolis using computer-generated graphics, historical records, and expert comments.

Experience the bustling streets, vibrant markets, and grandeur of Pompeii as you journey back in time. Witness the lives of its inhabitants, from the wealthy elite to the working class, and gain a deeper understanding of their aspirations, joys, and struggles.

The documentary meticulously depicts the eruption itself, showcasing the terrifying power unleashed by Mount Vesuvius. Marvel at the stunning visuals that recreate the cataclysmic event, transporting you to the very moment of destruction.

As the dust settles, follow the aftermath of the eruption and explore the harrowing consequences it had on the city and its people. Discover the remarkable preservation of Pompeii’s ruins and the valuable insights they provide into ancient Roman culture.

Uncover the stories of archeological discoveries, heroic rescue attempts, and the lasting impact of this catastrophic natural disaster. Pompeii: The Last Day offers a thought-provoking exploration of one of history’s most fascinating chapters.

Meet the Romans with Mary Beard (2012)

In this captivating documentary series, renowned historian Mary Beard invites viewers to join her on an insightful journey through the lives and customs of ordinary Roman citizens. “Meet the Romans with Mary Beard” provides a unique and engaging exploration of various aspects of ancient Roman society.

A fresh perspective on ancient Rome:

  • Discover the daily habits of Roman citizens, from their morning routines to their evening pastimes.

  • Explore the significance of rituals and traditions that shaped their lives and the influence these practices had on their society.

  • Delve into significant milestones and events that marked the lives of Romans, offering valuable insights into their experiences.

Mary Beard’s engaging storytelling and personal anecdotes make this series both educational and relatable. By highlighting the human aspect of history, she enables the audience to connect with the lives of ordinary Romans and gain a deeper understanding of this iconic civilization.

“Ancient Rome comes to life in this remarkable documentary series, as Mary Beard uncovers the stories and experiences of its people with passion and expertise. A must-watch for anyone seeking a fresh perspective on history.”

Episode Guide:

Episode TitleDescription
The Streets of PompeiiExploring the bustling streets of Pompeii and uncovering the daily lives of its inhabitants.
All Roads Lead to RomeExamining the transportation systems that connected the vast Roman Empire.
Dining with the Rich and PoorDelving into the food culture of ancient Rome and the stark contrast between the lavish feasts of the wealthy elite and the humble meals of the working class.
Behind Closed DoorsPeering into the private lives of Romans and exploring the architecture and design of their homes.

Join Mary Beard in “Meet the Romans with Mary Beard” as she unravels the mysteries of ancient Rome, presenting a vivid and captivating portrait of its people and their way of life.

Eight Days That Made Rome (2017)

This ancient video series examines eight major events that formed ancient Rome. Eight Days That Made Rome, hosted by renowned historian Bettany Hughes, explores each occasion and its consequences in extraordinary detail. This documentary series takes viewers through ancient Rome’s most important turning events via fascinating historical storytelling, amazing images, and expert insights.

From political intrigue to military triumphs and societal shifts, Eight Days That Made Rome sheds light on the key moments that defined the rise and fall of one of history’s most iconic civilizations. Each episode presents a meticulous examination of significant events, uncovering the intricacies and consequences that shaped the course of Rome’s history.

The Episodes

  • The Battle of Actium
  • The Ides of March
  • The Colosseum
  • The Downfall of Nero
  • The Great Fire
  • The Siege of Jerusalem
  • Boudica’s Revenge
  • The Gracchus Brothers

Within each episode, Eight Days That Made Rome presents a comprehensive narrative supported by expert commentary, archaeological findings, and historical records. This blend of evidence and storytelling provides viewers with a multi-dimensional perspective on Rome’s critical moments, from military strategies to cultural shifts.

By examining these pivotal events, Eight Days That Made Rome ultimately illustrates the complexity and resilience of ancient Roman civilization. It highlights the enduring legacy of Rome by revealing how these eight days reverberated through history, shaping the city’s political, social, and cultural landscape in significant ways.

EpisodePivotal EventImpact on Ancient Rome
The Battle of ActiumThe decisive battle between Octavian and Mark AntonyEstablished Octavian (Augustus) as the sole ruler of Rome and marked the end of the Roman Republic
The Ides of MarchThe assassination of Julius CaesarSet the stage for the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire
The ColosseumThe inauguration of the ColosseumReflected the grandeur and power of Rome while providing entertainment to the masses
The Downfall of NeroThe fall and death of Emperor NeroMarked the end of the Julio-Claudian dynasty and the beginning of a period of political instability
The Great FireThe devastating fire that engulfed RomeLed to significant urban planning reforms and changes in fire safety regulations
The Siege of JerusalemThe Roman Empire’s siege and destruction of JerusalemSignified the end of Jewish independence and the dispersion of the Jewish people
Boudica’s RevengeBoudica’s uprising against Roman rule in BritainHighlighted the Roman Empire’s vulnerability and the resilience of the oppressed
The Gracchus BrothersThe political reforms and deaths of Tiberius and Gaius GracchusAddressed social and economic inequality and sparked a series of political and social revolts

Roman Empire (2016-2018)

The Roman Empire documentary series presents an immersive exploration of the most significant events, conflicts, and political figures that shaped the greatness of the Roman Empire. Through a captivating blend of dramatic re-enactments and expert commentaries, this series offers viewers a front-row seat to ancient Rome’s tumultuous history.

From the rise of the legendary Julius Caesar to the notorious rule of Emperor Caligula, the Roman Empire series delves into various topics, providing a comprehensive look at the life and times of this iconic civilization. With meticulous attention to detail and historical accuracy, each episode brings the ancient world to life, engaging the audience in the grandeur and complexity of the Roman Empire.

Through vivid visual storytelling and insightful analysis, the Roman Empire series offers a fascinating journey into the heart of ancient Rome. It explores the triumphs, struggles, and enduring legacy of this mighty empire, revealing the political intrigue, military conquests, and cultural achievements that defined an era.

The episodes of the Roman Empire documentary series:

1The Rise of Julius CaesarExplores the rise of Julius Caesar and his transformation from a charismatic leader to the dictator of Rome.
2The Reign of Emperor AugustusExamines the reign of Emperor Augustus, his consolidation of power, and the establishment of the Roman Empire.
3The Golden Age of Emperor TrajanHighlights the achievements and conquests of Emperor Trajan, including the construction of iconic Roman structures.
4The Madness of Emperor CaligulaUnveils the infamous rule of Emperor Caligula, known for his tyrannical behavior and scandalous excesses.
5The Fall of the Roman RepublicInvestigates the decline of the Roman Republic, leading to the rise of emperors and the end of republican rule.

The Roman Empire documentary series is a must-watch for history enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive understanding of one of the greatest civilizations in human history. Through its compelling narrative and visual authenticity, the series brings the ancient world to life, allowing viewers to witness the rise and fall of the Roman Empire firsthand.


Ancient Rome, with its rich history and captivating stories, continues to intrigue and inspire. For history enthusiasts or those curious about this ancient civilization, there are several acclaimed ancient Rome documentaries that provide an informative and captivating experience.

From the dramatic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii: The Last Day, to the everyday lives of Roman citizens in Meet the Romans with Mary Beard, these documentaries offer a comprehensive look into the fascinating world of ancient Rome. Through expert narratives, visuals, and personal anecdotes, these informative ancient Rome documentaries provide a deeper understanding of the customs, rituals, and significant events of this iconic civilization.

Whether you’re interested in the critical turning points that shaped ancient Rome’s history, such as those explored in Eight Days That Made Rome, or want to dive into the rise and fall of the Roman Empire as depicted in the Roman Empire documentary series, these recommended ancient Rome documentaries promise to captivate and educate.

So, sit back, take a journey back in time, and explore the popular ancient Rome documentaries that have won the hearts of history enthusiasts worldwide. Through their captivating storytelling and informative content, these documentaries bring the wonders of ancient Rome to life and leave you with a lasting appreciation for the legacy this remarkable civilization has left behind.


What is “Pompeii: The Last Day” documentary about?

“Pompeii: The Last Day” is a gripping documentary that brings to life the events leading up to the momentous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. It provides a vivid glimpse into the daily routines, social interactions, and political dynamics of the ancient Roman city. It also explores the eruption itself and the chilling aftermath.

What is the “Meet the Romans with Mary Beard” documentary about?

“Meet the Romans with Mary Beard” is a documentary series that explores the lives and customs of ordinary Roman citizens. Historian Mary Beard takes viewers on an insightful journey, shedding light on daily habits, rituals, and significant milestones. The series offers a fresh and engaging perspective on ancient Rome and its human aspect.

What is the “Eight Days That Made Rome” documentary about?

“Eight Days That Made Rome” is a historical documentary series hosted by historian Bettany Hughes. Each episode focuses on a specific moment in Roman history, providing an in-depth look at its impact. The series combines historical narrative, visuals, and expert insights to give viewers a thorough understanding of ancient Rome’s critical turning points.

What is the “Roman Empire” documentary series about?

The “Roman Empire” documentary series chronicles the significant events, conflicts, and political figures that shaped the greatness of the Roman Empire. Through a blend of dramatic re-enactments and expert commentaries, the series immerses viewers in the world of ancient Rome. It explores various topics, providing a comprehensive look at the life and times of this iconic civilization.

What are some recommended ancient Rome documentaries?

Some recommended ancient Rome documentaries include “Pompeii: The Last Day,” “Meet the Romans with Mary Beard,” “Eight Days That Made Rome,” and the “Roman Empire” documentary series. These documentaries offer educational and captivating experiences, providing a comprehensive look into the fascinating past of ancient Rome.

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