Longmire Season 7: What We Know So Far – A Sheriff’s Tale Continues

Longmire, the beloved TV series based on Craig Johnson’s bestselling books, captured the hearts of millions of viewers with its thrilling storytelling and charismatic characters. With its successful six-season run, fans eagerly anticipated the possibility of Longmire Season 7. In this article, we delve into the history of the Longmire TV series, explore the reasons for its cancellation, discuss the ending of the show, and provide insights into its international reach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Longmire Season 7 will not be happening as the series concluded with Season 6.
  • The show’s cancellation on A&E was due to declining ratings and financial considerations.
  • Netflix picked up the series for three additional seasons after its cancellation on A&E.
  • The final season of Longmire provided closure for the characters and their storylines.
  • While there are no current plans for Longmire Season 7, future spinoffs or reboots may still be a possibility.

The History of Longmire's TV Series

The Longmire TV series is based on the popular book series written by Craig Johnson. It first premiered on A&E and quickly gained a devoted fanbase. Starring Robert Taylor as the iconic Sheriff Walt Longmire, the show captivated audiences for six successful seasons.

During its second season, Longmire became A&E’s most-watched original series in history, attracting an average of nearly six million viewers per episode. The gripping storylines, compelling characters, and stunning Wyoming backdrop drew fans in and kept them hooked throughout the show’s run.

However, as the seasons progressed, ratings began to decline, leading to the cancellation of the series on A&E. Fortunately, Netflix recognized the show’s potential and stepped in to revive it for three additional seasons.

Longmire found a new home on Netflix, where it continued to garner praise and maintain its dedicated fanbase. The streaming platform allowed the show to reach a wider international audience and provided the opportunity for the story to unfold on a grander scale.

“Longmire has been one of the most-watched drama series on Netflix AND A&E and has thrilled audiences for years. While we are disappointed that the series is coming to an end, we are proud to have been along for the ride and wholeheartedly thank the show’s dedicated fanbase for their unwavering support.”

The show’s cancellation on Netflix after Season 6 means that there will be no Longmire Season 7. However, the impact and legacy of the Longmire TV series continue to live on in the hearts of its fans.

Top Reasons to Watch Longmire TV Series:

  • Compelling storylines that keep you on the edge of your seat
  • Masterful performances by the talented cast, led by Robert Taylor
  • Breathtaking cinematography capturing the beauty of Wyoming
  • An immersive and authentic depiction of the life of a sheriff in a small town
  • A perfect blend of mystery, drama, and Western elements

Why Was Longmire Cancelled?

The cancellation of Longmire on A&E and later on Netflix was the result of various factors. One significant factor was the show’s audience demographics. The viewership of Longmire skewed older, which made it less appealing to advertisers who typically target younger demographics for their products and services. Advertisers tend to prioritize shows that attract a younger audience and have higher potential for generating revenue.

Another factor that contributed to the cancellation was the production model of the series. Longmire was produced by an external studio, which meant that the network, in this case A&E, had to share the revenue with the production company. This arrangement made the show less financially lucrative for A&E compared to internally-produced content.

When Netflix picked up Longmire for three additional seasons after its cancellation on A&E, the decision to end the series after Season 6 was not publicly announced. This left fans speculating about the reasons behind Netflix’s cancellation of the show. While exact details are not available, it is likely that Netflix made the decision based on various factors, including financial considerations, viewership data (although not publicly released by Netflix), or creative choices made by the showrunners.

Overall, the cancellation of Longmire was a result of a combination of factors, including the show’s older-skewing audience, the external production model, and various considerations at both A&E and Netflix. These factors ultimately led to the end of the series after its successful run on both networks.


“The cancellation of Longmire on A&E was primarily driven by the show’s audience demographics and its financial viability for the network.”

Reasons for Cancellation:

  • Audience demographics skewed older
  • External production model
  • Lack of public announcement from Netflix
Reasons for Longmire’s Cancellation A&E Netflix
Audience Demographics Skewed older
Production Model External studio
Public Announcement No No

The Ending of Longmire

The final season of Longmire, Season 6, brought the series to a close. The concluding episodes managed to tie up most of the plotlines that had been unfolding throughout the show. One significant development was the introduction of a new sheriff, Cady Longmire, who took over from Walt. This transition sparked controversy among viewers and led to mixed reactions.

Some fans were critical of the showrunners for what they perceived as a rushed conclusion to the series. However, the ending did provide closure for many of the beloved characters, including Walt, while leaving open the potential for future stories or spinoffs featuring the new sheriff. The final season aired in November 2017, and since then, there have been no indications of a return for Longmire in the near future.

“The ending of Longmire Season 6 had its moments of satisfaction, but also left some fans disappointed. However, it stayed true to the essence of the show, bringing the character arcs to a close.” – Longmire enthusiast

Despite the controversy surrounding the finale, the ending of Longmire marked the culmination of a successful series that captured the hearts of many viewers. While the conclusion may not have pleased everyone, it provided closure for the characters and their storylines.

longmire season 6 ending

Longmire Season 6 Ending Analysis

Aspect Analysis
Plot Resolution Most plotlines were concluded, offering closure for the characters and their story arcs.
Introduction of the New Sheriff Cady Longmire took over as the new sheriff, sparking mixed reactions among viewers.
Controversy The rushed nature of the ending received criticism from some fans.
Potential for Spinoffs The introduction of the new sheriff left room for future stories or spinoffs centered around her character.

Longmire and Netflix Worldwide

While Netflix produced the final three seasons of Longmire, existing contracts with other networks were honored in various countries. The show had a dedicated international following, and fans around the world eagerly awaited the release of new episodes. Let’s take a closer look at the international release of Longmire across different regions.

United Kingdom Release

In the United Kingdom, Longmire found a home on the popular network TCM. The show captured the interest of British audiences with its compelling characters and intriguing storyline. The final season of Longmire premiered in the UK in January 2018, allowing fans to witness the culmination of Walt Longmire’s journey as sheriff of Absaroka County.

Australia Release

Australian fans of Longmire were also able to enjoy the captivating Western drama. The show honored existing contractual agreements, ensuring that audiences in Australia could follow the thrilling adventures of Sheriff Walt Longmire and his dedicated team. The final season aired in Australia, providing closure for fans invested in the lives of their favorite characters.

International Contracts

Longmire’s popularity extended beyond the UK and Australia to other countries like Italy and Ireland. International contracts allowed broadcasters in these regions to bring the beloved series to their viewers. The show’s engaging storytelling and powerful performances resonated with audiences worldwide, making it a global success.

Although Netflix produced the later seasons of Longmire, the streaming platform honored existing contracts, ensuring that fans in various countries could continue to enjoy the show. While no specific dates have been confirmed for Longmire’s addition to Netflix’s international catalog, it is highly anticipated that fans around the world will have the opportunity to experience the gripping story of Walt Longmire in the future.

longmire international release


Longmire Season 7 will not be happening, as the series concluded with Season 6. Despite its popularity and dedicated fanbase, the show came to an end after a successful run on both A&E and Netflix. The cancellation of the series may be disappointing for fans, but it provided closure for the characters and their storylines.

Although there are no current plans for Longmire Season 7, the possibility of spinoffs or reboots in the future remains open. The ending of Longmire left room for new stories or characters to be explored in the same world, offering fans the potential for a fresh take on the beloved sheriff’s tale.

While fans may have hoped for a continuation of their favorite series, the conclusion of Longmire Season 6 marks the end of Walt Longmire’s journey on screen for now. However, the legacy of Longmire and the impact it had on both A&E and Netflix demonstrate its lasting appeal and the positive reception it received from viewers. Though the series has reached its conclusion, the world of Longmire is sure to linger in the hearts of its dedicated fans.


Will there be a Longmire Season 7?

No, Longmire concluded with Season 6 and there are no current plans for Season 7.

What is the release date for Longmire Season 7?

There is no release date for Longmire Season 7 as the show ended with Season 6.

Who is in the cast of Longmire Season 7?

There is no cast information available for Longmire Season 7 as the show concluded with Season 6.

What is the plot of Longmire Season 7?

There is no plot information available for Longmire Season 7 as the series ended with Season 6.

How many episodes will there be in Longmire Season 7?

Longmire Season 7 was not produced as the show concluded with Season 6.

Is there a trailer for Longmire Season 7?

No, there is no trailer for Longmire Season 7 as the show ended with Season 6.

Are there any rumors about Longmire Season 7?

There are no rumors about Longmire Season 7 as the show concluded with Season 6.

What is the latest news about Longmire Season 7?

There is no news about Longmire Season 7 as the show ended with Season 6.

When is the premiere date for Longmire Season 7?

Longmire Season 7 did not have a premiere date as the show concluded with Season 6.

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